Dan Tamashiro is the protagonist of Full Drive. He is the grandchild of the world of champion of table tennis from Germany, Hagen Wolf.[1]


Dan is a slender young boy who is short in stature. He has spiky red hair and bright blue eyes. He wears a red hood jacket, a white t-shirt with a pocket, dark shorts reaching above his knees, a red and white belt, and white shoes. Marin notably mentions that Dan's left arm is more muscular than his right arm.





  • Loop Drive (ループドライブ Rūpu Doraibu?): Dan delivers great force to the ball as he hits it, making a loop. He first uses this attack against Marin Shiraishi.[1]
  • Full Drive (フルドライブ Furu Doraibu?): Dan powerfully hits the ball. He first uses it against Marin.[1]


At the age of 9, Dan was given a new model table tennis racket by his grandfather, Hagen Wolf, and he challenged his grandson. Four years later at the Germany airport, Dan was boarding the plane when he someone ran into him for not seeing Dan due to his height and spilled booze all over the young boy. However, Dan did not mind, but the two suggested for Dan to get another racket after seeing its condition as they walked away while laughing. After being told not to stand there smiling, Dan, after cleaning himself up, stated being made fun of does not bother him. As the plane was taking off, Dan recalled his father and grandfather playing table tennis in the basement even after four years. He then thanked his grandfather as the plane was flying to Japan.[1]


Notable QuotesEdit

  • "I want to destroy everyone above me!" (自分より上にいる奴ら全員...ぶつ潰したいんだよね!! Jibun yori ue ni iru yatsura zen'in... Butsu tsubushi tai nda yo ne!!?)[4]


  • Dan is left-handed.[1]


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